HQ Exclusive: Rihanna in Panarea, Italy – August 27, 2014

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This Wednesday (Aug 27), Rihanna visited the Italian island of Panarea. She and her friends were spotted enjoying some sun, taking a helicopter ride and visiting a winery. Luckily, HQ pictures from that day have finally surfaced!

Check out over 50 stunning pics here. Enjoy!

More photos of Rihanna in Italy

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RiRi keeps enjoying her stay in Italy with her friends, and today (Aug 27) she was spotted in Panarea. Check a couple fan photos after the jump and watch a video of Rihanna and her crew on a boat earlier in the day.

Panarea is the second smallest of the eight Aeolian Islands, a volcanic island chain in the north of Sicily. Last night, Rihanna tweeted two beautiful selfies along with:

Sailed up to an active volcano for dinner #bucketlistshit

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Mikey Trapstar speaks on designing “Monster” Tour Merch

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Mikey Trapstar always wanted to work with Rihanna. Amazingly, this wild dream turned out to not be that far-fetched. Rihanna, who Mikey considers a “style icon,” has been a supporter of the UK brand and one of the first to co-sign it since its early days. Still, Mikey says he couldn’t have imagined designing the tour merch for “Monster,” the six-date concert tour RiRi co-headlined with Eminem. It’s funny how things work.


The “Monster” tour kicked off in Pasadena, CA on Aug. 7, and beyond the music, fans went nuts for the merch that was designed by Trapstar. The collection included graphics that superimposed Rihanna and Eminem’s faces with different images of “monsters”—using fans, bat wings, and werewolves.

Complex sat down with Mikey when he stopped by their offices to talk about the merch, how the collaboration came about, the inspiration behind the designs, and why he decided to shoot an editorial for the collection, which you can get an exclusive look at right here.

How did the collaboration with Rihanna come about?

It’s going to sound funny and crazy but I basically saw her out and she approached me and said, “I want you to do my merch.” So the next day I got a call from Ri’s manager and Eminem’s, too. They brought me into the room and they were like, “Are you sure you can do it?” and I’m like, “Of course I can.” Then I gave them a mood board straight away. It was between me and a few other designers but they liked the mood board and they ran with it.

What was the conversation like when you were talking about what the tour merch should be?

I wasn’t familiar with merch as much. I just thought merch is what people did for the fans. But there was a reason they picked us, because they didn’t want it to look like just merch. So they gave us free creative control and we just had a mission to make merch not look like merch, so even if you’re not necessarily a die-hard fan you’d want to wear the clothes out of the concert, out of just being a fan of the person. I wanted to make the new era Iron Maiden because, you know, people don’t even listen to Iron Maiden but they’ll still wear the T-shirt because they see it as fashionable. So that was the aim. Along with sticking to the monster theme of the “Monster” tour.

Read more of the interview on Complex.com or after the jump!

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Rihanna out for a dinner with friends

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As you already know, Rihanna stepped by Capri, in Italy by yacht yesterday (Aug 25).

Last night, RiRi and her friends dressed up and went dinning on the Italian island.

You can already check out a few pictures of her little trip in our gallery or after the jump, and watch a video her friend Leandra posted on Instagram above.

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The Monster Tour finishes off with Ice Bucket Challenge

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Last night (Aug 23), The Monster Tour came to an end in Detroit. Rihanna and Eminem performed a second show at Comerica Park, the final one of the entire monster tour.

Eminem was nominated by Dr Dre to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral campaign to benefit awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), where a person dumps a bucket of ice water on one’s head.

At the end of the show, Eminem was reminded to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge on stage, which Rihanna helped out with, by emptying the bucket over him.

As the game follows, you get to nominate three people. Eminem realized this on stage and nominated rapper Denaun Porter who completed the challenge right away. Rihanna, who stood watching the rappers, didn’t get away from sitting on the wet chair and was the last person Eminem nominated.

After asking the audience if she should do it and complaining over the huge pot that her hairstylist Yusef and assistant Jennifer brought out on stage, the island girl sat down and accepted the challenge; ice cold water and lots of ice.

Straight after the superstars waved their final goodbyes to the audience and closed The Monster Tour. Great job Rihanna and Eminem, we’ll miss you touring together!

Rihanna leaves New York – Updated

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Earlier today (Aug 22) Rihanna was seen leaving her apartment in New York to catch a private jet to Detroit, Michigan. Click here for photos.

Tonight she’ll be taking the stage there for another The Monster Tour show with Eminem at Comerica Park, an open-air ballpark.

UPDATE: Check our Twitter page for photos from the show. Don’t forget to follow us if you aren’t already!

Rihanna attends the Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game

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This Thursday (Aug 21), Rihanna headed to the 2014 Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game held at Barclays Center, New York.

RiRi enjoyed the game sitting in the front row with her girl pals, and later took time to pose for photos with some fans.

UPDATE: Over 200HQ pictures of Rihanna at the game have been added to our gallery, make sure to check them out!