Fast News – Ten X Club, Right Now, PIU

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• After performing in Canada last night, Rihanna went to party at Ten X club (photo above). She also posed with two lucky fans in Calgary.

• Check out a photo of Rihanna stepping into her tour bus .

“Right Now” was featured on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars the other day, make sure to check out the video.

• Keep purchasing “Pour It Up” remix on iTunes.

Rihanna Performs in Calgary, Canada – March 30

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Yesterday Rihanna performed at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta. Her next Diamonds World Tour date is on April 1 in Vancouver.

Check out some photos from last night’s performance in our gallery.


Chris Brown Talks About Rihanna With Ryan Seacrest

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Chris Brown stopped by “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” for the first time today, sitting down with Ryan and Ellen K and talked about Rihanna (and more):

“I just tried my best to be the best man I could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident and that time was probably the worst part of my life and being that she has and she’s a wonderful person I’m eternally grateful and thankful.”

Adding, the two of them are in a better place now:

“It’s still like we’re kids. I try not to be too grown and be like, ‘Lets have candlelight dinner every night.’ I try to make sure everything is fun. It has to be fun and it has to be genuine.”

Also, in another very recent interview with USA Today Chris Brown talked about his upcoming album “X”, revealing Rihanna will be featured on it.

“We’re good,” he says. “We’re taking it one day at a time. She’s a wonderful girl. She’s beautiful. She’s on tour and our schedules don’t allow us to be as close as we want to be. But everything is good. She will be on my album.”

Listen to the interview.

Fast News – Out in Chicago, Nude, Facebook, Pour It Up, Stay

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• Yesterday Rihanna went shopping on her day off in Chicago. She was spotted at the RSVP Gallery and took a few photos with some fans.

Nude is now out in the UK! Rihanna tweeted “My fragrance on and they love my smell… #UKnavy you asked for it you got it!“. Make sure to buy Rihanna’s 3rd scent at Debenhams Beauty or the The Perfumes Shop.

Rihanna’s Nude is also available at Macy’s. Don’t forget to visit

• Make sure to purchase Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” remix featuring Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J & T.I on iTunes!

• Rihanna recently reached 68 million likes on Facebook, congrats Rih!

• Navy we want you to watch “Stay” music video on RIHplay and get it VEVO certified, which means it has reached over 100,000,000 views.

In other news, you can also watch “Russian Roulette”, “Yo Da One”, “Rockstar 101” and “Umbrella” to help them all get VEVO certified!

Rihanna Visits Barrington High School

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The Barbadian superstar barely acknowledged her tardiness when took the stage at Barrington High School moments ago – despite being more than four hours and 30 minutes late for her much-anticipated visit. Her fans, nearly despondent minutes earlier, greeted her with wild applause and Beatlemania-type screaming.

“Thank you guys for coming and waiting,” the Barbadian signer said, before paying tribute to the school’s charitable works.

Sixteen minutes and roughly a dozen smiling pictures later, RiRi was gone and her late arrival forgotten by a starstruck crowd.

It was hard to believe that only minutes earlier she was the cause of quite possibly the most angst-ridden moment in Barrington High School history.

The overwhelmingly female crowd had been patient in waiting for hours for her arrival after the school won a visit from the star. Teens have been chatting on their phones, grabbing snacks and braiding each other’s hair. Many have been at the school since the doors opened at noon.

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Diamond Girl: Behind the Scenes of Rihanna’s World Tour Wardrobe

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When your world tour is called Diamonds, the wardrobe had better sparkle. Luckily, Rihanna had stylist Mel Ottenberg on hand to ensure that her looks do just that.

Featuring a total of—count ‘em—seven costumes, each of which was custom made by a megawatt designer (think Riccardo Tisci, Raf Simons, Alber Elbaz, and Adam Selman—Rihanna’s River Island collaborator), the pop star’s onstage wares boast everything from holographs to “orgy” embroidery (courtesy of Givenchy, naturally).

“The most amazing thing about Rihanna is what a chameleon she is,” said Ottenberg, who’s worked with Riri for two years.

“She’s always up for something new. She’s fearless, she knows what she likes, and it’s fun to see which ideas she’ll jump for.”

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