Fast News – Diamonds, Charts, EMA, Vogue

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UK Diamonds

Rihanna’s first single, “Diamonds”, from the upcoming 7th album released on the UK iTunes today, and is already #1!

Good job #UKnavy!
Note that this news is constantly changing and the single may not be #1 depending on when you read this news.
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Top 60

Recently the list for the “Top 60 biggest selling singles of the 21st Century that went straight in at Number 1” was revealed.

Rihanna’s and Calvin’s “We Found Love” is at the 5th spot. Check out the list here.
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You haven’t forgotten about the Europe Music Awards right #Navy?

Make sure to vote for Rihanna at this very simple link, which is a short cut to all of her nominations. Also, join her team and earn points!
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The British newspaper The Sun reports that Kate Moss and Rihanna are to appear in Vogue together. The Sun writes:

Celebrity photographer Mario Testino shot them at a secret location in London this week and the pics will feature in a future edition of Vogue.

A source said: “Kate has wanted this for a long time and pulled all the strings to make it happen. “She’s a big fan of Rihanna and loves her attitude.

“Plus, she’s got one of her favourite snappers on board. It’s the ideal scenario.”

Note that The Sun is not a reliable source for news and as we know this is only a rumor.

“Diamonds” A Winner With Critics

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Rihanna’s single “Diamonds” from her upcoming 7th studio album is conquering the world. It’s currently #1 in 15 countries on iTunes and still moving up!

Continue to buy “Diamonds” on iTunes #Navy, buy it several times. If “Diamonds” goes #1 in the US it will be Rihanna’s 12th #1 single, which means Rihanna will tie with Madonna, who also has 12 #1’s.

Since “Diamonds” released on September 26 it is highly liked by critics. Check out what Billboard, MTV, Rolling Stone and more think of the new single.


Continuing the mineral motif after shouting out “yellow diamonds” on “We Found Love,” Rihanna implores her partner to “shine bright like a diamond” as her voice grasps at the upper tips of ecstasy. Produced by longtime collaborators Stargate as well as Benny Blanco, “Diamonds” notably slows the electronic stomp of previous lead singles “Only Girl (In The World)” and “We Found Love,” instead offering a lush, mid-tempo pool of synthesizers and Rihanna’s powerful pipes.

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Buy “Diamonds” on iTunes now!

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Rihanna’s lead single from her upcoming seventh album is out on iTunes #Navy, make sure to buy it and make it #1! The track is currently at #14 on US iTunes.

Listen to Rihanna’s “Diamonds” on, and buy Diamonds on iTunes now!

We really do not want Diamonds to be downloaded illegally anywhere, so make sure to report illegal download links to

We think “Diamonds” is a soothing, hopeful and beautiful song, share Your thoughts to our Twitter @URihannaFansite!

RIHminder – “Diamonds” Single Releasing Today! (+Lyrics!)

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UPDATE – “Diamonds” will premeire at 7.55am ET, 12.55pm UK, 1.55pm Europe on Elvis Duran show! Do not miss it, make sure to listen here!!

Today (September 26) we are going to hear Rihanna’s brand new single “Diamonds” from her 7th upcoming album, for the very first time!

“Diamonds” will air LIVE at 8am ET, UK 1pm, Europe 2pm, at Capital FM (type in the code W11 2BQ).

After the song has aired it will be uploaded into this post (for a short period of time due to copyrights).

If you need to know your what time the song airs in your location tweet us @URihannaFansite.

“Diamonds” will be available at iTunes Music stores worldwide an hour later at 9:00 AM ET.

Check out the lyrics for “Diamonds” after the jump!

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Single Cover for “Diamonds”

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diamondshq click photo for high quality size

The new single “Diamonds” is releasing in only 2 days. Earlier today Rihanna tweeted the single cover for the new song, check it out above! It looks like she is rolling a joint with diamonds, how 420 of her!

Don’t forget, “Diamonds” will air on iHeartRadio at ET, at UK time and at Europe time.

Rihanna’s official Facebook page has revealed “Diamonds” is the first single from Rihanna’s upcoming seventh studio album.

“Diamonds” will be available at iTunes Music stores worldwide an hour later at 9:00 AM ET.

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Rihanna launches

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Rihanna just launched a brand new site,, to promote her 7th studio album.

She also instagrammed a brand new R logo with a bunch of words in it. It seems like Rihanna has written every word in the logo. Beautiful handwriting.

Maybe the album’s name is in there? All we know is that the words in the logo have nothing with the track listing to do, which Rihanna confirmed herself.

We don’t have any info on new album yet, but we will keep you updated.

Lead single “Diamonds” will premiere on iHeartRadio this Wednesday 8:00am ET (1:00pm UK, 2:00pm Europe), September 26th!

Video – Rihanna At Gun Range in Las Vegas

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Rihanna did her best impression of Rambo Thursday night — when the singer let loose with some FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS … and TMZ has the crazy footage.

RiRi rolled up to the Guns and Ammo Garage in Las Vegas for a midnight session at the gun range — where we’re told she shot a variety of fully automatic weapons, including the SAW machine gun and the M4 and AR-15 rifles.