Vote for Rihanna on TIME’s 100 Poll

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Every year, magazine TIME makes poll to vote for the most influential people in the world. And of course as the last year Rihanna is on the list. Make sure you vote for her! This is very important poll.

Capital FM Interviews Rihanna

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  • Rihanna On Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Music Video

Rihanna has promised fans her upcoming music video collaboration with Drake is “beautiful”. The ‘You Da One’ singer says the video for Drake’s single ‘Take Care’ isn’t like anything he has ever done before.

“I can’t wait to see what all my fans think,” Rihanna told Capital FM’s showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes. “I saw it a couple of days a go, I love it.”

“It’s beautiful,” she teased. “It’s different from anything Drake has ever done.”

  • Rihanna Says Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Daughter Blue Ivy Is “Beautiful” And “Perfect”

Rihanna has revealed she recently had the change to meet Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby daughter Blue Ivy and has described the new arrival as “perfect”.

The ‘We Found Love’ singer also says the near three month-old child is already starting to resemble her ’99 Problems’ rapper father, and says she is “beautiful”.

“Yes I have!” Rihanna told Capital FM’s showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes about meeting the new arrival. “She’s, it’s unreal. It’s unreal!

“You couldn’t get more perfect than that child, she’s beautiful,” the ‘You Da One’ star revealed. “And she really is Jay-Z’s twin. It’s hilarious. She’s beautiful!”

  • Rihanna Confirms New Album Work Has Started: “I Have A Rough Idea”

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Rihanna Covers ’20 Minuten Friday’ – Interview

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20 minuten friday rihanna

  • Rihanna makes us wait. Four hours. Five hours. It is now half past nine o’clock in the evening, we all have dark circles and journalists can no longer see ham sandwiches. Then she gets up once in the door: skin-tight jeans (Armani) and gaudy red-knit sweater (Stella McCartney), open the dyed blonde hair, darker, more rock approach. Melissa in tow, her best friend from Barbados, and two assistants.

Hawaii before landing a fleet of spaceships. This leaves the U.S. Navy, of course, do not like and attack. It is visually stunning slaughtered, beaten and sunk. Extremely interesting are the protagonists. At the forefront fights – together with Rihanna – the Ex-Models Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Kitsch.

The 24-year-old asks for a sprayed white wine. She has an amazingly deep, smoky voice. In spite of a photo shoot that has taken under the PR lady all afternoon, she looks fresh and rested. Extended power nap! Each bet!

Friday: Rihanna, can you really swim as good as it looks in the film?
Rihanna: What a question! I was born in Barbados and have spent much time with my dad in the sea. I love the ocean.

Friday: In “Battleship” You play a Marine officer who on the high seas must defend against attacks, nasty aliens. Here you have many action scenes. How did you prepare for your role?
Rihanna: I had a personal trainer and a drill instructor who yelled at me constantly. That was really hard. To get used to the weight of the weapons, I had to spend hours with a two-pound sandbag running around in my hands so that it looks quite natural in the film.

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Rihanna TV NEWS (29/03/12)

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Check out this weeks Rihanna TV, with some new features including worldwide iTunes charting, and also all the latest news about Battleships, Princess Of China and the latest Candids…