Fast News – May 31

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  • Young Rihanna

Jonathan Lambinet has made a small video about the stars when they were young, and he of course featured little RiRi!

Have you seen the documentary Jonathan made about Rihanna? Well go see it on his youtube account! Click here for the first part.

Check out the photos of young Rihanna in our gallery!


  • LOUD Tour Kick-Off

This week, on June 4, the LOUD tour will officially kick off in Maltibore, and later she’ll go to Canada. Who’s excited?!

Rihanna - LOUD Tour

  • Rihanna thanks the U.S. Military To Mark Memorial Day

Yesterday Rihanna was among the stars who paid tribute to members of the U.S. military as Americans celebrate Memorial Day.

She tweeted :
@Rihanna “Happy Memorial Day!!! #Cheers to the troops!!! And to their wonderful families! You are the heart of this Nation and We love you so much!”

  • Man Down

The music video for Man Down World-Premieres today on 106&Park at 6P/5C. The Navy is not the only ones excited, so is Rihanna!

@Rihanna “Wmho fussy(excited) for Tuesday??? I know I am #ManDownVideo”

@Rihanna “ManDownTOMORROW on @BET @106andpark its #Gritty #GULLY #Emotional #JAMRock Very strong underlying message 4 girls like me! #listentoyomama”

And yes, ManDownTOMORROW did trend worldwide.

  • Rihanna Back In L.A

Rihanna is back in Los Angeles, go watch a video of her arriving at the LAX airport.

Cosmopolitan Magazine July Issue – Interview

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To read the interview click the image above. When another photo pops up it may seem to small to be read, and then you can right click and choose “view image”.

  • Note

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the photos from Cosmo in our gallery!


  • We’ve written down the whole interview for you guys, so click on “more” to read it!

Rihanna is kicking back in a Los Angeles photo studio, one hand holding a glass of white wine and the other deep into a bag of Cheetos. She’s describing what it was like to shoot an action scene in Battleship, her first film, due out next summer.

The cast was on a barge off Hawaii, and Rihanna, who plays a cadet, serving in the fight against an invasion of alien ships, was worried that her stunt double didn’t look tough enough to pull off the next scene. Her character was supposed to jump off a ship and rescue a big guy. The popstar desperately wanted to do the stunt herself. “I kept going, put me in there!” she says.

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V Festival 2011 Commercial

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In august, Rihanna will perform on the 2011 V Festival in London. The big party is held in Hylands Park and Weston Park in Chelmsford, UK.

Eminem and other big artists will also perform on the festival, and for some reason, Rihanna is not featured in this ad.