Rihanna Performs On Saturday Night Live

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Watch these video below to check out Rihanna’s performances of ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ & SNL Digital Short Ronnie & Clyde . She looks amazing .

Ronnie & Clyde  (starring Rihanna and Shy Ronie)

Only Girl (In The World)

What’s My Name

Fast News – October 30th

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  • As known, Rihanna didn’t attend Katy Perry’s wedding October 23rd because whe was busy working. She tells Access Hollywood that she is dissapointed that she missed it.

“I didn’t get to go to the wedding. Luckily, Katy is in the same industry as me, so she understands and she knows how it can get.

“But I was fortunate enough to be able to throw her bachelorette party, so I got to be involved somehow.”

  • The Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson suffered from pancreatic cancer and sadly passed away last week, and the Bajan fans and people are wondering if Rihanna will show up to the funeral November 3rd.

It’s said that Rihanna decided to not attend the funeral because of a busy schedule with promoting Loud, but Barbados is still hoping she will be there to show respect.

  • Danny Farrell remakes Rihanna songs on Fruity Loops Studio and loades it up on youtube, amazing tracks!

Danny is 15 yeard old Rihanna fan from England and loves music, especially by her.
We ask Danny to tell a little about himself:

“I’m just a 15 year old boy from Essex in England. Back in 2007 when Umbrella came out I became a Rihanna fan and ever since then it just grew and grew and now im completely obsessed! In 2008 I started to get interested in music and back in the summer of 2009 I started to use FL studio, I do it all at home in my bedroom on my laptop, i have just been making lots and lots of Rihanna stuff such as performances and stuff on FL studio, but only a few of my stuff is on youtube.”

The player above has his work in it and includes songs from the LGOE list. He’s got instrumental tracks, tracks made by him and more. Check out his account on youtube and have a listen! I was just stuck there myself listening to instrumental songs!

A new video is coming up soon, made by him, hear the teaser here. We are anxious to listen!

Be sure to visit the all new official Danny Farrell blogspot, Dannyfarrell.blogspot.com and the daily blogspot by Albanya, Dannyfarrellnewsfromalba.blogspot.com/

MTV Interviews Rihanna

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Click on the links below to hear all interviews with MTV.

Picture: Rihanna At MTV Studio

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Tj.Mtv.com :Last night, Rihanna came to chat with Sway in the MTV News Room about her new album, Loud. I have to get this out of the way: the girl is even more gorgeous in person than she is on TV. How is that possible?!

She immediately had a very fun and chill vibe about her, joking with her friends and some MTVers about her day. Sway made me make popcorn for everyone (lol!) but I was happy to do it considering it was Rihanna!

We talked for a bit and RiRi was super nice, telling me how cool my job was and wishing me luck. During the interview with Sway, she discussed working with Eminem on “Love The Way You Lie Part 2”, her new movie, how she’s grown this year, and more. (I’ll make sure to tweet about it when those articles/videos are out).

You guys asked me to tell her to tweet more and I did, to which she responded “I don’t get twitter!” Sway and I tried to convince her that twitter was actually kind of amazing (if not addicting), and I think she just might take our advice and get more into it.

MTV: LOUD Review

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Forget the morose tone of Rihanna’s Rated R; her album Loud, due November 10, certainly lives up to its name. A mixture of soft ballads, island party anthems and empowering love songs, Loud may go down as Rihanna’s best album yet.

When MTV News got an early listen of the album, we were treated to six unreleased songs, including Rihanna’s duet with Eminem, “Love the Way You Lie (Part II),” a sequel to their smash single released earlier this year. On the song, Rihanna tells her part of the story. The song opens with just her voice and the piano as she sings, “On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright/ Then this thing turned so evil.”

When the chorus kicks in, the hook from the original track is bigger and more cinematic than ever before, but it’s Em’s seething anger when he delivers his verse that will have fans going bananas. He raps about the pain she causes him just as much as he causes her, spitting rhymes about trading punches with his lady love.

While “Lie (Part II)” is dark, much of the album is about love and partying. On the Stargate-produced “S&M,” there’s no innuendo when Rihanna sings over a booming beat lyrics like “Sticks and stones may break my bones/ But chains and whips excite me.”

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Are You Rihanna’s LOUDEST Fan?

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Do you think that you are Rihanna’s LOUDest fan? Do you want to win a trip to meet Rihanna? Well,that isn’t a problem. For more details click here





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