Rihanna is In London

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Rihanna was Spotted In London, you can view the pics in the gallery by clicking on a thumbnail below


‘Only Girl (In The World)’ #8 On Billboard – Hot 100

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‘Only Girl (In The World)’ is down from #3 to #8 on Billboard Hot 100.Just keep buying and requesting as many times you can on the iTunes !

Preview Of Rihanna’s “LOUD” Album

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Earlier this afternoon in the NYC office of chairman/CEO of Island Def Jam L.A. ReidJustJared.com had the privilege and absolute pleasure of listening to Rihanna’s new album, Loud. This will be the biggest album for the Bajan beauty yet — for sure!

Inside is a tracklisting of the nine songs we heard. Lots of island flavor, all Rihanna all the time.

Check it out!!!

“S&M” – It’s definitely a club banger and the naughtiest song of all! Here are some of the sample lyrics as best I heard them: “I may be bad but I’m perfectly good… There’s sex in the air. I don’t care, I love the smell of it… Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me. I like it, come on, come on.”

“Only Girl (In The World)”: The whole room was dancing along! During the lyrics “hold me like a pillow,” L.A. hugged himself like a pillow, too. Funny moment!

“What’s My Name?” – It’s the second single off of Loud – listen to a bit of the track here! “Oh nah nah, what’s my name? …Hey boy, I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me. Oh boy, I wanna really be with you, you’re just my type… You’re so amazing, you took the time to figure me out..”

“Cheers” – The song samples Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” and is so unbelievably catchy! Avril’s “yeahh, yeahh, yeahhh, yeahhh” are prevalent throughout. This song will be so huge in clubs, bars, and everywhere that serves alcohol. Everybody will be raising a glass! Sample lyrics: “Turn it around with a dollar round, there’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up… Cheers to the freakin weekend, I drink to that. Everybody put your glasses up. Don’t let the bastards get you down… Drinks on my mind and my mind on my money.”

“California King (Bed)” – A beautiful ballad! Lyrics include: “nose to nose, palm to palm, wrist to wrist, toe to toe…Feels like more than distance between us. In this California king bed, we’re 10,000 miles apart. I’ll be California wishing on the stars, my California king.” It’s L.A.’s favorite song off the album!

“Raining Men” – The fast and uptempo song features Nicki Minaj! There isn’t much of a chorus, but the song features a variation of the popular children’s phrase “eenie meenie miney mo”.

“Who’s That Chick” – Used for a Doritos ad – read more about the song here. There are two videos for this track!

“Fading Away” – A beautiful ballad that likely references her relationship with Chris Brown. The song includes the lines, “Ready for change, baby, Open up my eyes and finally realize you’re fading away. Too late… Running your mouth. So fed up, don’t press your luck today. What’s a girl to do when she’s crying inside?”

“Man Down” – The song starts off with sirens and sounds like a metaphor for deadening a relationship. Lyrics include: “I pulled out my gun… Ra pum pum pum pum. Oh mama, mama, mama, I just shot a man down in central station. Never thought I’d do it. Whatever ever happened to me. Why did I pull the trigger. What am I gonna do?”

Rihanna On The Set Of The “What’s My Name” Music Video

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Rih was spotted in New York City shooting a Music Video for her upcoming single off the upcoming album “LOUD” which is entitled “What’s My Name” the gallery has been updated with 225 HQ pictures of rih on the set, you can view them by clicking on one of the thumbnails below.


You can also view a Video of Rih shooting the video below, you can even hear little parts of the song [CAN’T WAIT]

and in the video below, Rih gives the Rihanna Navy [THE FANS] a shout-out and thanks us for all our support, she also confirms that “What’s My Name” is the second single off “LOUD” … She Looks Amazing!

“LOUD” Album Cover

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Click to view full size image

The “LOUD” Album Cover has been Revealed, and we’re loving it, you can view it in full size in the gallery by clicking on thumbnail below, Leave us a comment telling us what you think,


Rihanna On Set of The “Only Girl” Music Video

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Rihanna just posted a picture of her on the set of the “Only Girl (in The World) ” Music Video Shoot,  she tweeted:

What up #RihannaNavy i’ve been busy being the “Only Girl In The World” wanna see more?!?!

you can view the picture by clicking on the thumbnail below,


What up #RihannaNavy I’ve been busy being the “Only Girl In the World” wanna see more?!?!What up #RihannaNavy I’ve been busy being the “Only Girl In the World” wanna see more?!?!

Ursula Stephen Interview – “Rihanna Loves Her Red Hair!”

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Kristin Booker from HollywoodLife.com contacts Ursula Stephen, Rihanna’s stylist, to talk about RiRi’s new hair-do.

“If you’ve been watching Rihanna lately (who isn’t?) you’ve no doubt noticed her brand new, bright red hair. These extensions are causing quite a commotion (people love it or hate it,) so I decided to contact the pop star’s mane lady, celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen, who is the woman who gave her the signature haircut that spawned a million scissors snipping as well as this new fun look. I asked the celebrity hairstylist about the process to take the singer to a good girl gone red. Here’s what Ursula said:

  • HL: How was the decision to go red made? Was it yours or Rihanna’s?

Ursula Stephen: It was actually a mutual decision we made together. We had just wanted to do it at different times, but, as it happened in the end, the timing was perfect and we decided to go for it!

  • HL:Are these extensions? If so, are they real or synthetic?

Ursula Stephen: We’re using real human hair extensions, which are colored. The process to install them is simple: they’re bonded onto her actual hair.

  • HL:How does she like them. Does she love the new look?

Ursula Stephen: She loves the whole new look, especially the color! It’s her new favorite thing.

  • HL: Will she have to have relaxers in the meantime? What products will you use to maintain her look?

Ursula Stephen: Rihanna will definitely get relaxers in the meantime. I use Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System to keep it sleek, shiny, and conditioned.

  • HL: What would you suggest to women who would like to copy her look? Any advice they can take to their stylist?

Ursula Stephen: My advice when coping someone’s look is always to make it your own! Work with your stylist to create a look that suits you and your personality. If you think this is a look that will suit you and your personality, then work with your stylist to create it!