Vote For Rihanna in “Your Fantasy Woman Is:”

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UPDATE – Rihanna is rumored to be on her way to Russia now! If you live there and are planning to meet her, please contact us!

The russian is having a contest where you can vote for your fantasy woman, or the woman of your dreams. Rihanna is of course featured! She is at #4 place right now so let’s vote til’ she gets to #1! You can vote as many times as you want, let’s take that as an advantage and vote for Rihanna!

[Click the photo above to vote!]

Thanks Katya!

‘Rude Boy’ reaches #2 on Australian Singles Chart!!

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Yesterday, Rude Boy reached #2 on the Australian Singles Chart which is the new peak! Jason Derulo held it off the top spot but sales of Rihanna’s song soared. If you live in Australia, please, please, please buy Rude Boy to get it to #1!! Also, Rated R rose eight places to its new peak of #13 (fifteen before).


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6If you still don’t following us on twitter,follow now! You can follow the official twitter @URihannaFansite and you can follow UR’s co-web, me, @Rude_Monster to get all the latest news about Rihanna.

On twitter we post a lot of news that are not being posted here, for example TT’s, ask her band questions, live stream links from red carpets or shows and more, with a more easier word, exclusive things!

So head over to twitter, sign-up if you don’t have an account, and follow us!
Btw, UR is still searching for at least one more co-web to keep the site updated even better, feel free to contact us if you think you’re the one for the job!

New Unreleased Song: ‘Teach Me How To Say Goodbye’

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Rihanna’s new unreleased song: ‘Teach Me How To Say Goodbye’

You can listen here on UR or HERE with lyrics .

Click HERE to Download ‘Teach Me How To Say Goodbye’ -‘

If you’re simply too lazy to click on the link where it says that you can go to youtube to listen to the song with lyrics, or if you already have downloaded the song and haven’t seen the lyrics, then click and learn them now! I know I am —>

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Keep buying ‘Rude Boy’ because it’s doing great on the charts! Here’s the positions of iTunes:

UK : 2
Denmark : 2
Ireland : 3
France : 3
U.S : 4
Australia : 4
Switzerland : 6
Luxembourg : 9

And the official charts:

UK : 6
Ireland : 6
Australia : 8
Finland : 12
Europe : 19
U.S : 23
Denmark : 25
New Zealand : 25
Switzerland : 30
Canada : 42
Czech Republic : 78

(Also, on the iTunes Pop Chart, Rude Boy is #1 in Denmark!)