Soulja Boy Tell’em To Appear On Rihanna’s And Chris Brown’s Albums

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Talk about an awesome — if awkward — honor. Soulja Boy Tell’em revealed to MTV News this week that he will have the unique distinction of appearing on the upcoming albums by both Chris Brown and Rihanna.

“With this particular project [it was] like, ‘Whoa!’ because it was like, ‘Yo, I need you to do something for Rihanna’s album. You got 11 hours. Go,” Soulja Boy said about the last-minute call to work on an unspecified track from Rihanna’s upcoming Rated R disc.

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The Dream Discusses Rihanna’s Rated R Album

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It’s been confirmed that producer, The-Dream and Young Jeezy have been working with Rihanna on her upcoming album, Rated R due out on November 23rd.

The-Dream said of working with Ri-RI,

“Me and Rihanna, she just cut the last of the two records we did. It’s a record called ‘Rock Star,’ The first record is a record called ‘Hard,’ which features [Young] Jeezy. Both of those records are pretty insane.”

He confirmed he wrote a song called “Hard” which features Young Jeezy,

“’Hard,’ I want that song to explain itself. Most of the stuff I wrote — still to this day what I write — I try to find out through people — what they’re going through or what they gotta say. Then we put that in.”

On whether Jeezy delivered, Dream said,

“Oh, c’mon, he killed it! You know Young killed it. That’s ATL right there. That’s all we do.”

It’s being rumored that we should be seeing the music video for her single “Russian Roulette” on November 6th and that “The Wait Is Over” is going to be the second single she releases off of the album.

Jennifer Aniston Needs to Give Rihanna Relationship Advice?

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After Rihanna has had her very public assault drama involving Chris Brown, people have been talking about her non-stop. Even after about nine months after the altercation.

Now, a friend of Jennifer Aniston, Ray Manzella has said that Rihanna needs to learn a thing or two from the actress.

Ray says of Aniston,

“Jen has her fair share of imperfect relationships but not one of those men was ever disrespectful to her physically. No one would dare lay a hand on her because they know they just couldn’t get away with it.”

He continued on to say that Rihanna should be given some lesson on that. “Hopefully that will rub off on Rihanna. She needs someone who can set the example that no woman should be treated with anything less than respect. I think Jen’s the one to do that.”

Even Aniston said,

“My friends come to me in tough times for advice. I am the go-to girl a lot but I love that. I love helping friends.

Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” Debuts at #35 on the Billboard Pop 40

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Rihanna’s single “Russian Roulette” was super anticipated and, received mixed reviews after it was released. Some thought it was devil music, others found it great, while some remained iffy about it. Now, it has made it’s debut on the Billboard charts.

In it’s first week on the chart, Rihanna’s single has made it to #35 on the Billboard Pop 40. This track is the first released single off of her upcoming album, Rated R. The album has had a bunch of great influences from big names that Rihanna had enlisted to work on the LP.

Rihanna Will Release “The Wait is Ova” as Second Single

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Rihanna will actually be releasing a single titled “The Wait is Ova” as hinted at on Rihanna’s Twitter page earlier this month. The single is off of Ri-Ri’s upcoming album, Rated R, along with her other track, “Russian Roulette” which has already been released.

Mikkel S. Eriksen, a producer who has been working with Rihanna on the album, says, “We were just told that they go for ‘The Wait Is Ova’ as next single and that it will launch in a few weeks – before the album release. It means a lot to us to join a single-release in this format.”

We’ve seen some footage and photos of Rihanna shooting the music video for “The Wait is Ova”, where she is sporting a black eye patch on some fierce clothing. You can also hear a bit of the track in the background of the video footage and on her official website.

The track “The Wait is Ova” is expected to be released on November 6th, while the album Rated R, should drop on November 23rd.

Rick Ross Says Rihanna Will Out-Sell 50 Cent, “You Can’t Even Say Her Name Next To Woodface”

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Rick Ross was very confident in Rihanna’s selling ability.

“Of course,” Ross said about Rihanna’s new album out-selling 50. “That’s Rihanna, one of the most beautiful, talented human beings on the planet. You can’t even say her name next to woodface. But more importantly, that’s a nice line-up of artists. Birdman, that’s my brother. I look at 50 Cent and Lady Gaga as the same. So I really recognize Lady Gaga, I mean Birdman and whoever else you said but at the same token but I feel like we’ve won already because the state that the industry is in, you know, it’s hard to break new artists and you know, we’ve brought Triple C’s to the table six months after me receiving the number one album [with Deeper Than Rap] and we pretty much did this hands-on by ourselves.” (SOHH)

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