Eve Slams Chris Brown on Twitter Over His “I Ain’t a Monster” Video

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Only a few days ago, Chris Brown made it clear that he’s no monster in a video while hanging out with Bow Wow.
Rapper Eve, is mad of what Brown did to Rihanna and writes about the video:

“Hold on hold on!! I’m just gonna reach out to some of y’all out there and say this bluntly, why do ppl keep tryin to protect Chris Brown’s a** hes guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, I’m so sick of people kissin his a**..yeh i did just watch a clip of him saying ‘he isnt a monster’…yeh motherf***r u are. let him or any other man come to me with power fists..id f**k him up”

She also had supportive words for Rihanna,

“And a message to rihanna…girl your beautiful and talented and u don’t need a n**** like that around u…ur special and deserve better & finally,no we dont no wat happened that night, all i no, is seein rihanna’s beautiful face bruised and upset..that’s enuff 4 me.”

Rumour – Rihanna’s Vogue Cover Shoot Cancelled Due to Nude Photos

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Rihanna’s nude photos may have cost her a big job! Earlier this month, racy pictures of what appeared to be Rihanna and Chris Brown in a hotel room surfaced online.

The pics caught a lot of people’s eyes, including Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Prior to the photo leak, Rihanna and Anna had spoken at the Met Costume Institute Gala, and Anna offered her a chance to appear on the cover of her magazine, plus an inside spread.

A source tells Star, “Anna told her Vogue absolutely loves her and really wanted to work with her. Rihanna was ecstatic.”

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The Noisettes Wants to Work with Rihanna

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British rock group, the Noisettes met up with Rihanna at the Island Def Jam Spring Collection party recently and the lead singer, Shingai Shoniwa even posed for pics with Rihanna. After the party, the group has since said that they’d like to work with the songstress.

The drummer for the group, Jamie Morrison said, “We had dinner with Rihanna at the event and she was on really good form. She’s a big fan of our band so I could see her and Shingai strutting around on stage sometime,”he added.

The ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’ stars also confirmed that they had recorded a Blur cover with legendary Welsh singer Tom Jones.

Chrianna Photos

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It has been leaked pics of RiRi and Chris snuggling, the pics were taken before the incident.


Rihanna Moving To NYC?

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Rihanna is chilling in the city this summer.

The 21-year-old pop star is close to signing an $18,000-a-month lease for a SoHo apartment on Greene Street. The unit was originally listed at $22,000 a month. The 2,300-square-foot residence has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a sitting room. It has a 500-square-foot terrace, where the “Umbrella” singer plans to erect a small tent to shade herself from prying eyes.

It’s a far cry from the Stamford, Conn., manse she moved into at age 16, when she left home in Barbados to live with record producer Evan Rogers and his wife. But it might be the perfect spot for Rihanna to practice her lines as she prepares for her first film role. She’s currently taking acting classes and will start filming “Personal Protection” later this year.

Speaking about the movie, “Rihanna will start filming ‘Personal Protection’ later this year,” says a insider. “She’s not ready, actingwise, yet, so she’s meeting with a coach.”


Rihanna Will Have To Testify Against Chris Brown

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Chris Brown didn’t attend at yesterday’s court hearing, and ccording to Rihanna’s attorney, she will be subpoenaed to testify at Brown’s next court hearing.

Attorney Donald Etra says he got the answers from the District Attorney’s office that they want his client to take the stand.

Etra, says Rihanna will fully cooperate with the request.

It should be a pretty dramatic moment, and it will be the first we’ve heard Rihanna’s version of what happened on the night of the fight with Chris Brown that left the R&B princess bloodied and brusied.

Chris Brown will also be required to attend the proceedings. So Rihanna will have tell her side of the story while Chris is in the same room.

“She will do what the law requires. There’s never been any question about that,” Etra said. “It’s clear that the preliminary hearing is going forward. She has agreed to do what the DA asks of her.”

Asked how his client is feeling, Etra said: “She’s doing great.”

That courtroom showdown is scheduled for June 22nd.

Source – X17

“Paranoid” Music Video In HQ

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CLICK HERE to watch Kanye West’s music video ”Paranoid” in HQ. There is some changes in it from the last time you saw it.

It appears that the video is an unfinished leak Kanye West Says:

“It hurts me to see the old and very wrong version of the Paranoid video get leaked all over the net while I was on an 11hr flight and couldn’t do anything about it. It’s just frustrating when this stuff happens because I really care about the product and since videos never get played any way you might as well tweak them and make them as special as possible. The version that got leaked from the camera phone last week is at least a little closer to the final product. Thank you everyobody for your support but that video was not up to my standards.”

Click Here
to see some screen shots form the real video.

Captures Coming!