Rihanna To Appear in Kanye West “Paranoid” Music Video?

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Everyone has been keeping their eyes open for Rihanna lately, but we won’t have to work so hard this summer because reports say she’ll be starring in Kanye West’s music video for his song “Paranoid”. The single comes from his album “808s and Heartbreak”, which also gave us his single “Heartless” and “Love Lockdown.”

Talking about Rihanna, he says, “She’s my Paranoid girl in the video. She’s an amazing talent …” He was asked about what it’s like to work with the songstress to which he responded, “Collaborating with her is always a pleasure!”

No one is sure when the exact release date, but it should be out in the summer months. Rihanna and Kanye worked together on the “Glow in the Dark Tour” and are both releasing their own fragrances, thanks to Jay-Z’s deal with Parlux Fragrances.


Mark Geragos Wants Rihanna Case Dismissed – Chris Brown Not Expected In Court Today

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Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ on his way out of the courtroom this morning he wants the Rihanna case against his client dismissed because of leaks in the case.[Battered Rihanna Picture].

Geragos told us, “Leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regard to outrageous governmental misconduct,I will be be filing a motion in this case regarding the leaks.”

He went on to explain that the motion centered around the Rihanna picture AND several other incidents of leaks about the case.

Rihanna’s attorney, Donald Etra, said that the “Disturbia” singer would prefer if prosecutors and Brown reach a plea agreement before a trial, but that she would testify if called upon.

And Brown signed a waiver and is not expected in court Wednesday 29th april, which is today.

The Judge has set a date of May 28th for Brown’s preliminary hearing.

It is still uncertain what is preventing a deal from being closed by the District Attorney’s office and Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos. If no deal is reached and the case progresses to the preliminary hearing stage, the case against Brown will be presented to a judge. One photo that surfaced of Rihanna after the incident showed her face beaten badly. There is a bigger risk for Chris to go to jail if the judge has to decide what’s next.

Rihanna’s Yewelry Released From Custody

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As you know, RiRi was wearing $1.4 mil in borrowed jewelry when she was allegedly beaten by Chris Brown. She was supposed to give it back to the jeweler a while back — but it’s been held by the cops since Brown’s arrest.

Today the judge ruled the jewels can go back to their rightful owner. The LAPD will take photos of the bling in case it’s used as evidence in the trial. But expect a plea bargain.


Search Warrants Issued To Find Source Of Leaked Rihanna Photo

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Two search warrants have been issued in the Chris Brown-Rihanna case, and it’s believed that these warrants are the latest attempt to figure out who leaked the disturbing police photo of Rihanna’s battered face.

According to Accsess Hollywood one warrant is believed to have allowed investigators access to computors inside the Police Department itself, as they are trying to figure out who transmitted the picture.

After the photo surfaced on TMZ, a police investigation began almost immediately to find out how the confidential shot was leaked, and at the time police officials said there would be an investigation to find out who was responsible.

Source – X17


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Producers Ryan ‘Alias’ Tedder (One Republic) and Brian Kennedy Seals have spoken out about Rihanna’s forthcoming new album. They leaked some details to PEOPLE.com about song concepts and the type of tracks that Rihanna has so far recorded. Infact one of her producers claim that Rihanna is WRITING on this new album about “different situations in her life, just things that inspire her”…

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Rihanna To LAPD – Give Me Back My Yewelry

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0424_rihanna_brown_bn_arrowRiRi is asking the cops to hand back a pair of earrings and three rings the cops logged as evidence on the night in question, it’s a $1.4 million loose, and get this — the jewelry isn’t even hers. According to docs, the bling belonged to four companies which loaned it to her for the pre-Grammy party she attended with Brown that night.

Rihanna’s attorney, Donald Etra, claims he asked for the jewelry back earlier this month and submitted written requests on April 7 and April 17. Etra also claims that Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, has no problem with the jewelry being released.

The earrings are described as yellow metal hoop earrings with white stones. The first ring is a yellow metal ring with white stones and green stones. The second and third rings are described as being yellow metal rings with white stones.