Rihanna Is a “Cooperating Victim” in Brown Case

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The Los Angeles County District Attorney denies that Rihanna is no longer cooperating in the Chris Brown case.

“We deal with her attorney who says she is a cooperating victim,” L.A. County D.A. spokesperson Sandi Gibbons tells Usmagazine.com.

According to FoxNews.com, the “Umbrella” singer “wants the whole thing” to go away and is NOT helping the D.A. prepare his case against Brown for allegedly assaulting her Feb. 8 — hours before both were scheduled to attend the Grammys.

Adds her lawyer, Donald Etra: “She will do everything that the law requires her to do…nothing has changed.”

However, even without Rihanna’s cooperation, the case will still go forward on the basis of her detailed statement to police hours after the attack and the graphic photos.

Rihanna’s “Disturbia” Goes Triple Platinum

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Regardless of the recent drama surrounding Rihanna, of course being that she was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown last month, she has still been doing extremely well in terms of the radio charts and sales charts.

As of March 26th, her hit single, “Disturbia” has gone triple platinum! Considering the song only went double platinum in December, she must have moved 1 million copies in just three months!

The single is the third off of her “Good Girl Gone Bad” album to become multi-platinum. This girl is no one-hit-wonder. Expect to see her new album later this year.

Rihanna’s Bodyguard smashes a paparazzi’s car

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Last saturday, while Rihanna dined at Giorgio Baldi’s restaurant her bodyguard drove around on the streets of L.A trying to get rid of a paparazzi. The bodyguard and his Mercedes got into quite the fender bender with the paparazzi’s Wolksvagen, and caused a little accident between the cars.

No one was hurt [it was just a little fender-bender] but cops were called to the scene.

Watch a video here when the cops are investigating the accident, and click here to view pictures.

Picture and video source – X17online

Tattoos on Rihanna Made by BangBang

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It shows out that BangBang not only has made the Gun tat on RiRi. He has also made the ”Shhh…” tattoo on her right hand forefinger, the arabian tattoo [it stands Rihanna on arabian, her name is arabian] on her right hip and he finished the star tattoo on her back. I think he also has made the tattoo on her left shoulder where it stands ”XI IV LXXXVI”, the tattoo stands for her best friend’s [Melissa] birthday date which is 11-04-86. Melissa also has a tattoo with RiRi’s birthday where it should stand ”XX II LXXXVIII”, which means 20-02-88.

See all the pictures of Rihanna and the tattoos.

Soulja Boy Sad that Chrianna Missed Kids Choice Awards

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Rapper Soulja Boy expressed his disappointment on the orange carpet last night, saying that he’d wished they had attended. “For them not to be here is very sad. I was looking forward to seeing them here.”

He continues, “Right now, it’s a sad situation. And it’s very touchy. I’m just …. it just shocked me when it happened.” Soulja said he spoke to Chris Brown on the phone and said that Chris is “doing OK.”

He then says that he wishes them both well. “Yeah, right now, it’s a delicate time. You know, the court date is coming up. I hope that they both get through it in a positive way.”

Rihanna Wants Chris to Make an Apology on TV?

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There have been some reports buzzing around that Rihanna, who was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend Chris Brown last month, wants him to make a real public apology – on national television.

A source says, “Chris said ‘no’ at first, but bought himself some time by saying he needed to think about it with his mother Joyce. But he’s desperate to win over the American public and he’s realised this could be the perfect way.”