Life Your Life video premiere

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Today October 28th,2008 on channel 70, B.E.T, at around 7:30pm T.I and Rihanna premiered their video “Live your life”. The source is Access Granted.

Updated by RihannaFan: I made a video clip of the video but it has already been removed because of copyright. Does anyone know of an official source for this music video? Please comment with suggestions. You can view the screen captures: Making of the video capsmusic video caps

Update 2: I heard back from WMG and the video is now available in iTunes. Keep watching T.I.’s official site for a streaming copy or search YouTube for a stray copy.

Rihanna & Chris Brown in Auckland

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It was a dream night for teenage music lovers as pop stars Rihanna and Chris Brown hit the stage in Auckland. Reviewer Karen Tay checks them out.

Rihanna & Chris Brown
Where: Vector Arena, Auckland
When: Monday, October 27

The crowd at pop concerts seem to get younger – and tartier – every year.

Take for instance, the teenybopper walking on the stairs at Auckland’s Vector Arena. From the back, she looked all of about 14, and was wearing a skirt the size of a handkerchief, from which almost everyone behind her got a good view up.

Young lady, does your mother know you’re wearing a G-string?

Skirt looker-upper girl gave a glimpse of what the rest of the evening entailed. Even on a school night, the teens – many of which were wearing matching clothes – were out in full force to celebrate the double billing of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Brown is the kind of good looking brotha that appeals to both 12-year-old boys and 16-year-old girls, who combined to scream in such deafening tones they drowned out a good portion of his first song.

No matter, because what really impressed was the fact that he descended, god-like, from the roof with a team of dancers dressed like ninjas.

They proceeded to rev up the crowd with club favourites (Yo) Excuse Me Miss and With You, which prompted the plenty of girly sobbing.

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Rihanna tops Ocean Style Magazine’s 51 Most Beautiful List

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THE Premiere glossy fashion and lifestyle magazine in the Caribbean, Ocean Style Magazine, has released its ‘The 51 Most Beautiful People List’ and Barbados’ singing star Rihanna is number one.

The list reflects a wide range of talented individuals who are mega stars and may be a surprise to many, as most of them are from the Caribbean.

The magazine’s criteria for the list is said to be a combination of physical attractiveness and beauty, personal character and substantive achievement along with reflecting the individual’s ethnic diversity, culture, values and ambition.

Rihanna heads the list that features other singers including Lenny Kravitz (7), Leona Lewis (11), Shaggy (18), Wyclef Jean (22), Mel B from the Spice Girls (26), Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley (30), Sean Paul (34), Machel Montano (40), Faye-Ann Lyons (46) and Tami Chin (51).

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Filming “Rehab” in L.A.

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I’ve added photos of Rihanna and Justin Timberlake on the set of of filming Rihanna’s next single “Rehab” on Tuesday.

This album was accidentally set to private mode and required a password, but that has been fixed an photos are now available for viewing by all.