FENTY x PUMA SS18 Release

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Happy 30th Birthday Rihanna!

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Rihanna performs and wins at the 2018 Grammy Awards

Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar took home the Grammy Award for…

Fenty Beauty MATTEMOISELLE Lipsticks

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has tapped into a palpable void
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October 12, 2017
Vogue’s Forces of Fashion Conference
Oct 13, 2017
Fenty Beauty GALAXY Holiday release
Oct 24, 2017
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During her stay in Italy, Rihanna went shopping in Milan (July 12th). She strolled around in the fashionable city, rocking a striped D&G shirt dress. Check out photos in our candids gallery.

Rihanna Shopping in Milan, Italy on July 12 2016Rihanna Shopping in Milan, Italy on July 12 2016Rihanna Shopping in Milan, Italy on July 12 2016Rihanna Shopping in Milan, Italy on July 12 2016Rihanna Shopping in Milan, Italy on July 12 2016

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Dior has shared an exclusive backstage video of the shooting of the Dior sunglasses collection starring Rihanna lensed by photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino and an intimate interview with the singer of Sledgehammer.


Dior:Is it the first time you work with Jean-Baptiste Mondino?

Rihanna: Yes, but he has been on the bucket list for a while.

Dior: What do you like the most about his way of taking photographs?

Rihanna: He’s fast, and gives incredibly precise direction.

Dior: What is the atmosphere on set?

Rihanna: He plays the BEST music on set, tons of old school R&B. Not once did I have to change the music.

Dior: Could you share an anecdote about this shooting?

Rihanna: This shoot was done under unique circumstances. I came straight from a show, spent a lot of time getting my weave taken out, but once we got to set no time was wasted. He knows exactly what he wants, and does not hold back his personality, which was delightful.

Dior: What is your personal relationship with the House’s creations?

Rihanna: It doesn’t get more personal than designing for this house. It’s an honor, and I STILL can’t believe that I’ve been given this opportunity.

Dior: Could you describe your new sunglasses?

Rihanna: They’re futuristic, yet sporty at the same time.

Dior: Can you tell us about your inspiration?

Rihanna: Believe it or not, La Forge from “Star Trek” back in the day! I’ve always been obsessed with his eyewear, and when I got to Dior and saw all the materials I could play with, it all just came together.

Dior: What was the creation process with the Dior teams?

Rihanna: The process was pretty seamless. I spent a day at Dior with their eyewear design team. Started by looking through all the archives to see what they’ve done in the past, then got acquainted with all the new materials! I literally sat there drew, and drew until I was happy with the design, and the team illustrated it for me right then and there. We picked materials and colors that same day, and after that it was a matter of weeks before I saw the first prototype.

Dior: According to you, what is the best occasion to wear them?

Rihanna: All Summer Long, but definitely whenever you want.

Dior: What could you hide behind your sunglasses?

Rihanna: What you’re thinking!… before it comes out of your mouth. Ha!

Dior & Rihanna sunglasses are available in the shops and on Dior.com



We’ve finally added HD screen captures of Rihanna’s latest music video “Sledgehammer”. We’ve hand picked every single photo to make sure only the best are in our gallery. Enjoy!


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After Embodying the Dior Woman in the secret garden IV Campaign, the House of Dior and Rihanna are writing a new page on their shared story: the star has designed a pair of sunglasses with pure lines and futuristic accents in a range of metalized colors.

Named simply “RIHANNA”, the Collection reflects a star who plays as much with fashion as she does music, composing a new vision of woman with each new album. This collaboration marks the fusion of Rihanna’s personal sense of style with the creativity of the Dior spirit.

The new Rihanna x Dior sunglasses are all available on Dior.com.

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Watch the making of Sledgehammer video, where Rihanna tells the concept of the video and the song.

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Rihanna was interviewed about her latest song “Sledgehammer” by Chinese TV presenter Betty Zhou, as well as asked about the upcoming Star Trek Beyond.

Rihanna described the inspiration about the song:

“I wanted something dramatic, and a little haunting as well that you couldn’t let it go. The song lyrically is about determination to get out of a place of being stuck, or feeling like you’re at a dead-end and finding the strength to overcome those fears and obstacles that can make you give up.”

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Rihanna stayed in Stockholm for her days off between ANTI World Tour shows. On Sunday (July 5th) she went to dine at a restaurant near her hotel, where she also took time to take photos with some fans.

Check out the photoshoot-alike candids of Rihanna out in Stockholm in our gallery.

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