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Posted by An.J on March 6, 2013


River Island has uploaded photos of the lucky M&G winners who got to meet Rihanna during the Rihanna For River Island launch on March 4.

The spring Rihanna for River Island collection is available in selected stores and online around the globe now. Shop online or find your nearest store .

Also, make sure to watch The Sun’s exclusive behind the scenes video of the launch where Rihanna said:

“Designing is fun, it’s something I love to do creatively. I express myself through music and through fashion so it kind of helps to paint a picture of who I am.”

Rihanna commented that the collection is “sassy, it’s easy and it’s Rihanna.”

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  1. Author: sud aventures
    Date: March 6, 2013

    very nice one

  2. Author: fs
    Date: March 6, 2013

    rihanna collection @

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