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Posted by An.J on February 1, 2013


On January 31 Rihanna’s February issue in Rolling Stone released. We’ve added HQ scans of the magazine so make sure to read the full interview in our gallery.

In the interview Rihanna talks about Katy Perry, Chris Brown, her 777 Tour and more.


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  1. Author: Rafael Centenera
    Date: February 2, 2013

    \(*_*) //

  2. Author: Jodie Nickerson
    Date: February 3, 2013

    hi rihanna how are you doing? this is your biggest fan jodie rose and i just want to say is that i am not worried about you at all cause i did moved on plus i was trying to say is that i am lucky to have a special singer like you and i love you and i want to get to know you more better? plus i love saying swears with you my best favorite singer? lol ahhhha plus i am going to vote for you on the count down too so you can be at the #20 or #30 on the radio and i just love listening to your music? and if you are happy then i am happy as well my best wonderful singer? please can i hear diamonds again? plus i can not wait to go to your concert baby? this is going to be a big one? and i don’t mind if you date chris brown okay? cause i have my family to love and just like you? and i do not care if you are with your boyfriend cause i still love you and are you going to bring him with you and that would be fun if you did? :) ;) please say you will and i just want to jump up and down with my sister lol aahahaah love you rihanna? oxooxxooo you are still amazing women to have in our life?

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